Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FYI: Coporate Logos on the site

ULM now has a policy about using logos on all websites with in the "" The general rule seems to be not to use them, but there are exceptions. These exceptions seems to outline the reasonable decisions we have already been making regarding logo use, and it appears that there are no changes to be made to the site as a result.

" Certain ubiquitous third-party images may be incorporated within the ULM.EDU Web site only in the course of assisting the Web user in using the content provided on the ULM.EDU Web page. Examples of these types of exceptions may include (but not limited to):

• Adobe® Reader or PDF
• references Google® (when associated with Google’s search engines and appliances)
• Microsoft® and/or Apple® or affiliated applications (Word, iTunes, etc.)
• Approved Social Media outlets (Facebook®, Twitter®, etc).
• Web-based services which ULM has a contractual obligation with (Moodle®, uPortal®, Zimbra®, etc.)

In general, these images must link only to the Web service provided (i.e., to download Adobe® Reader) and not link to the third-party’s Home page. "
Do let me know if there is anything that looks out of place in regards to these policies.

You may review the Web Sponsorship Policy at the ULM Policy Web site ( The direct link to the Web Sponsorship Policy is, which will open as a PDF.

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