Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Google Analytics and various other things

Here are various things I should mention:

1) Google Analytics

I just heard today from Don and Dinah that Google Analytics can now be used to analyze our web traffic (and for free). ULM has already been using it, and they've looked into the Terms of Service already; they know that GA anonymously shares browsing information. I'm also aware that libraries have special requirements in regards to sharing records; I am fairly certain that we are compliant with our own Statement of Confidentiality, and so is Don. So we're going ahead with this. I'll add the GA code (javascript) that University Relations gave to me. I have made a full backup of the directory just in case (which I periodically do anyway). I'll still add a message to the Confidentially page to disclose that we use GA, and a link to Google showing why it is O.K.

EDIT: The deed is done and the code has been added to most if not all of the HTML pages we have.

2) Google blog accounts:
Mike Magee has been removed from the list of ULM Library Blog (ULMLWPC + Reference) authors, and Dr.Cook will go next. They'll be missed.

As we will soon not have a Docs librarian, the Gov. Docs blog will be merged with the Reference Blog, meaning that anyone who knows about something interesting that is Docs or Govt. related can just post it on the main blog. It needs more posts anyway.

3) 404 Person Not Found

I haven't yet removed all instances of Mike's name and will soon set about removing Dr.Cook's contact info.

The Gov. Docs. page will also need to be ammended. I don't have access to the "" directory.

I've asked Don what to do about these.

4) Webfeat:

Its death is, as I've said before, not certain. But if we are to keep it, I'd really like to try and fix its color problems.
(Although I've said negative things about WF, I still do like using it for searching catalogs better than the Union Catalog and OCLC. It's very straightforward. But that's just me, and it's the only thing I like.)

5) Web tour
I've updated the non-audio version of the library online tour, but I've been hesitant on the audio version because I suspect some changes will happen that would require me to do it again. I'll have it done before the Fall semester begins.

6) New copier/printer (not really web-related)

The reference dept. (actually, it's for ILL, I think) got a new copier can be a printer, but there is only one network wall jack. I've found that it is possible in a few different ways to split the jack and network both, and the computer center probably could, but I don't think it's necesary. If it's ever needed, a USB printer cable works just fine. If the Dell printer finally dies for good, then it could be worth thinking about.

There is an extra mechanical compotent for this model that can be added to make the copier capable of duplex printing. However, if we used it for printing all the time, we'd only have a photocopier part of the time.
It is also supposed to work as a scanner, which I haven't tested yet.

7) Fall's coming. Shocking, yes? Since we already had a graphic from R. Glaze, we'll be using that as we did last time.

8) Today I also changed the home page's catalog links to help with an upgrade. But they were done less than 5 min. later :-P
I also put the upcoming special collections exhibits in the news box.

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