Monday, November 24, 2008

Guide to the Library on the website?

Ok, I'm probably revealing my ignorance (again--nothing new in this), but is there any place on the current (or soon-to-be) library website where the contents of the goldenrod "Guide to the Use of the Library" appears?


Karen N. said...

It wouldn't be a bad idea to have downloadable versions of our handouts. It makes complete sense.

I normally believe in religiously in the creed "Chairs are for sitting, PDFs are for printing," but if something is indeed meant for print, it's okay to put that online in a PDF.

Making electronic versions would be easier if we had the originals. Where are they? Scanning could be done, but it never comes out just right.

As for where it goes, perhaps we could put those on the "tutorials" page. It's not really a "handout" if it's not literally being handed out, I reckon.

Karen N. said...

And of course, once the file itself is online, we can link to it at our convenience. (ex: "click here to learn more about...")