Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Informal status report

I apologize for the long wait. I've been working on a different web project, but that's no excuse. There are several things to bring up, so we likely will need to meet again.

a) The page content.

Here's the original list complied on July 10th:

Databases by name
Databases by Subject

Off-campus access
The Reference Desk
Distance Learning
Purchase requests
Job Opportunities

For faculty/Staff
For Students

Ask A Librarian
Subject Librarians
Style Guides
Staff and Departments
Interlibrary Loan [will no longer simply link to Iliad]
Tours and Instruction

Visitor Information
History [um, of the library]
For the Community

Friends of the Library

Computer Lab [not marked on sheet, but I assume it's his]

[these links don't truly need anything new in terms of content or will be handled in a special way. If they do later, we can arrange something]
Subject Guides
Floor Plan
Annual report

Here are the completed parts that I know about (I'm sorry if I forgot something):

--Maren's "contact us" and "Help---->Reference Desk" are here:

Megan's "Style Guides," "ILL," "Photocopying/Printing" are here:

(By the way-- Someone had a session at LUC about how to add Uni. colors and a logo to the Illiad interface. Did anyone go to that? We should think about it.)

Here are Karen Cook's "Visitor Information" "History" and "Community": of the ULM University Library.docx
(For being .docx files, the markup imports into html rather well)

Megan's "Library Instruction," "Departments & Faculty/Staff Page," "Ask-A-Librarian Page," "Subject Librarians Page"
and Maren's "Find articles--->Off-campus access" and Subject Librarians Page are all here:

My ""For Faculty" page (I think I may change this)
My "For Students" page (I think I may change this too)
My "Tutorials" page will be like this, minus the graphics, and plus or minus some tutorials (I certainly will be chaging this)

There has been some confusion as to whether "comments" or "contact us" will have separate forms. We need one form that will allow people to ask us questions or give us comments. I have the ability to create a basic one that emails itself to a designated address. I do not, however, know how to format or embed such a thing. Example:

c) The Friends of the Library doesn't seem to be particularly active, the last I heard. I will make one if no one else wants to.

d) Where is the template as of this time? I would like to begin work on converting/fixing my old pages, unless that's inappropriate.

Directories. What will be done with /reference and /govdocs? What pages will go on /library and what won't? I've been thinking about it for a while, actually.

f) Apparently, the blog has lost some functionality, like linking to posts, after moving it to ULM. Oh well. :-( At least I know not to try that again.


Megan Lowe said...

c) Friends of the Library isn't very active now, but I thought we'd decided to let Cyndy address that page, since Friends is her purview?

e) I don't know where the template is - that's a question for Mike, Rob, or the Dean. Was the final template submitted?

d) If there's still some question about the directories, then we should ask the Dean if those fall in our purview or not.

Karen N. said...

I know that we decided that Cyndy would do the FOL page, but I haven't seen one from her yet. The last time I talked to her about it, the group hasn't met recently. I've just sent her an email about it now.

Yes, Rob Glaze and company's final template was submitted. I haven't heard about what has happened to it since them, as in, whether or not it was approved by The Dean. I will look into that today.

As for directories, all that means is where the files are going to reside. The reference department is the one in question, as there a lot of pages that are related to reference. I could ask Dinah about that.